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About Us

We are a highly ranked advisory service company focusing on Risk management aspects in FX, Interest rates and Equity markets.

We specialize in FX / Interest rate products for corporates and Investment management for high net worth clients. Our product thought process is backed by strong Quantitative Analytical ideas which help in competitive pricing of products for our clients.

We are retained by some of the top corporates in Chennai and a few more in overseas. We handle more than Rs 3500 Crores of trade payables and receivables management and more than $ 250 Million Dollars in Interest rate management. Besides the above, we have been retained by brokerage houses for development of FX business in NSE.

We focus on strategizing FX solutions for corporates.

Our areas of service include:

  1. Treasury Management Policy.
  2. Strategizing hedging activities: Forward covers for imports and Exports: Considering fundamental and technical factors, we advise the Budgeted Exchange rate to be taken for Costing purposes.

    Once a target is set, we advise on the desirability and timing of initiating Forward covers for risk protection and reward enhancement in Import payables and Export receivables.

  3. ECB/FNCR(B) loans: Banks offer ECB/FCNR (B) Dollar and other Currency demand loans. These loans could be cheaper than Rupee borrowings. However, it is important that utilization of these loans are timed properly for achieving the desired cost reduction. We advise companies on the desirability of taking Dollar or Cross Currency loans, which if managed could result in cost savings as against the Rupee PLR Interest cost. We advise companies on the desirability of Rupee PC or USD PC depending on the prevailing trend. We also suggest option structures for Non Dollar, Non Rupee loans, which are protective and rewarding
  4. Cross Currency SWAP: We advise companies on Dollar and Cross Currency swaps with risk mitigating steps to reduce interest rate.
  5. We also advise Companies on Investments in Debt Markets and Gilts.
  6. For Interested Companies, we offer FX Trading ideas.
  7. We offer policy clarifications on FEMA related matters, including Merchanting trade.

Our mode of working:

We shall send you mails everyday on FX developments. Our mails would cover
1) INR Morning call,
2) FX Alert around mid day,
3) Major Currencies spot/fwd and Interest rate data and
4) SMS –ONCE/TWICE on Currency rates.

We also send you specialized weekly and monthly reports. Based on your cash flow projections, we offer specific ideas to cover your FX and interest rate risks. These ideas will be sent by mail containing present views, charts, likely scenario, strategies and response for alternate scenario. We help you in your interaction with banks to fine tune the approach and get value from your bankers. In our FX Alerts and special report, we identify profitable trading opportunities in important currency pairs.We also guide in option valuation of FX structures and offer strategy for surplus fund management.